Pet Perks - best loyalty program in the pet grooming world


Easy to participate and receive rewards

Become a member of Pet Perks with your very first purchase. There are no punch cards or app check-ins required, we do all the work. Each service or product you purchase will add to your total loyalty points which can be redeemed at any time.  

How DO you earn points?

There are many ways you can build your point total and maximize your savings. As mentioned above, all products and services have a point value attached to them, plus we give points for reviews (good or bad), customer referrals, and sharing your Facebook, Instagram and Yelp post with the business.

How do I track the number of points I have?

Our monthly newsletter will include your current point balance or you can check your balance when you bring your pet in for a spa day. 

Point Values

  • Haircut (Grooming) & customer referral = 500 pts
  • Spa Bath = 300 pts
  • Wash & Go = 150 pts
  • Customer reviews (good or bad) = 200 pts
  • Social media post = 100 pts
  • All add-ons, additional grooming services, treats, and toys = 100 pts each
  • CBD Oils = Points equal CBD mg (200 mg = 200 pts)


  • 7500 pts = $25 gift card
  • 5000 pts = $10 gift card
  • 2500 pts = Toy or Treat (non-CBD)
  • 1000 = free add-on service 

Redeeming Perks

Next time you're in just let us know you would like to use some of your points and you can select your perk.